Feb 092010

Yogi Berra once said: “When you see a crossroads…Take It!” or something like that.
Not so much a crossroads as an opportunity that is too good to pass up: I’m joining GameCloud/Augmentum as a Senior Art Director in a start-up game studio they’re establishing in, of all places, Temecula. 20 minutes down the road.
They are a [...]

Nov 282009

Is it just me…
or are we all seeing the decline of civility, common courtesy and compassion in our online communication?
At first I was kind of shocked to see how brutal people are to each other – especially to those who may be seeking advice as so-called ‘noobs’ . I see this on forums I contribute [...]

Nov 042009

I’ve been thinking about the process and tools of creating art for iPhone games. Having just finished Ghost’s Attack for Tarver Games…the learnings are fresh in my mind and now would be a great time to write about it. I don’t know if this will go beyond blog posting but if I can ease the [...]

Nov 012009

Ghosts Attack is the game I’ve been working on with Chris Cross at Tarver. It’s my first foray into the iPhone world and has been an awesome experience developing for this amazing little platform.
We just rec’d a glowing review from Chase Gharity of Blast Magazine. Here’s an excerpt and you can read the full article [...]

Nov 012009

aZs is back online after the site was disabled during a hosting migration…

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