Grampa's War


“Grampa’s War” by: Duane Loose

A little girl remembers her Grandfather and his final visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

From Dann Glenn- Vietnam Veteran

To be honest, I wish I’d written this book. What a wonderful story, whose time has surely come. Though I am a Vietnam Veteran, this war belonged to, and affected everyone. And it will continue to do so for many decades to come, I’m afraid. Duane Loose’ “Grampa’s War,”  is a book that appears on the surface to be for children…however (it) is truly for adults as well. This book should be read aloud for all to hear, thus giving a certain sense of history, honor, and above all a loving resolution, to what has been until now…a conundrum for many. Sometimes it takes a simple story…to explain a complicated subject. This is one of those times.”

-Dann Glenn/2009

Military Art

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